We propose the creation of new business for the next generation’s motorization. Dec 1 (Wed.)-Dec 3(Fri.),2010 Makuhari Messe(International Convention Complex)/10:00~17:00
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・The auto telecom related parties from various areas will gather at ATTT!ATTT is the first convention that domestic and international parties related to “Automotive Telecommunication” such as the infrastructures, the systems, the applications, the solutions and the provision of various services will gather at one place.・For you to create new business and service.ATTT takes a big role in not only giving you technical proposals but also promoting you to exchange the information to create new businesses and services.  The special programs for ATTT e.g. conferences, awards, etc. will lay out with the business as a principle axis but with the structure of easy-to-understand themes.

“Automotive Telecommunication Technology Tokyo” is a convention focused on the technology and services that relate to “the data communications inside vehicles” with a progress in the capacity, “the wireless communications outside vehicles” with a progress in the broadband, etc. This convention is to create a great opportunity for all of those who relate to the new businesses brought by the progress in “Automotive Telecommunication”.


ATTT has launched a website.
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